Party Room at LS6

Info about our Party Room and how to reserve it.

Reserve the Party Room for birthdays, business meetings, or group parties and get free tokens for the arcade. The party room seats 32 people comfortably. The renter must bring all supplies needed to furnish their event.

More Details
A charge of $40 reserves the Party Room for a two-hour period. Party room fees and tickets for each person attending must be pre-paid no later than 72 hours in advance of the scheduled rental. Each person attending the party must have a movie ticket to be allowed into the building. We accept payment by cash, check or card, and only during regular business hours. Reservations not paid within the 72-hour period will be cancelled. Refunds will not be given for cancelled events, or for no-shows.

Guests are welcome to use our arcade, which is adjacent to the party room, and has a change machine available for quarters for the games. The room must be set up within the two reserved hours, no exceptions. The Party Room is only available during our regular business hours on Friday (from 6:15 pm to 9:15 pm), Saturday or Sunday (from 12:45 pm to 8:15 pm). The Party Room is not available for rent on Monday thru Thursday. Reservations may be extended in advance in additional two-hour blocks.

Film screenings, concession and ice are not included with the reservation and must be purchased separately (Private Screening Info). We do not furnish plates, drinks, napkins or lighters.The renter may can bring cake and/or ice cream, drinks, food and supplies, but they these items must stay within the Party Room

Alcoholic beverages, confetti, silly string, outside tables or chairs, or decorations that require being pinned or taped to the wall are not allowed. Guests leaving the facility are not allowed re-entry to the building. Unloading or loading may only be done through the main entrance, as the east entrance is for exiting the building only. Damages incurred to the facility, or leaving the facility in a state of disarray can result in the renter being prohibited from further use of the facility. Submitting payment for the use of the facility acknowledges understanding of and agreement to adhere to these conditions and rules by the renter. Please feel free to contact us for more information during normal business hours.

What we will need
Please print and fill out the following form and bring it to our theatre office.

Party Room Reservation Form PDF

Our Party Room and Arcade
Image of the party room

Image of the party room

image of the arcade